How to buy Amazon gift card

How to buy Amazon gift card

When it comes to how to buy Amazon gift card, there are different and faster methods that will surely interest you. As you know, Amazon gift cards are pretty popular in many countries worldwide and widely accepted on various shopping sites.

However, you must be vigilant and careful while buying an Amazon gift card. Amazon has many rules on the purchase and use of its gift cards. To avoid such problems, ensure you get all your Amazon gift cards from the right source, including authentic third-party sellers.

You can buy your Amazon gift card online or physically. This depends on your preferences or circumstances at the given time. We explained the necessary steps to take and where to look if you wish to know how to buy Amazon gift card online. But how else can you buy an Amazon gift card?

How else can I buy Amazon gift card if not online?

You can purchase Amazon gift cards in stores, but this does not apply to all stores. For example, Walmart stores do not sell Amazon gift cards; neither does Target sell them. So, going to these big stores is futile to buy these gift cards.

How to buy Amazon gift card in stores

If you wish to buy Amazon gift card from a store, here is a list of participating stores where you can successfully purchase them without restrictions.

These stores include malls, drug stores, grocery stores, and even convenience stores all over the U.S. More so, you can purchase Amazon gift cards in these stores for 15 – 100 dollars. When you locate any of these stores, all you need to do is to:

  • Walk into the store
  • Ask for the customer care representative
  • Enquire about the type of Amazon gift card you wish to buy
  • The customer care will direct you on how to purchase your card.

How to buy Amazon gift card

How to buy Amazon gift card via Email

Purchasing an Amazon gift card through email is quite similar to getting it online. The only difference is that you will get your details via email.

  • Navigate to Amazon gift cards via email
  • Select a design you wish for your card
  • Click on the said amount
  • Input the necessary email for the recipient
  • Click ‘add to cart.’
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Pay and place your order

Walk into Amazon physical store

Amazon has physical stores scattered all over its eligible countries. You can take advantage of it if you wish not to buy in the store. Once you walk into the store, the customer Rep will help you to place an order for the card.

How to buy Amazon gift card

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Print Amazon gift card at home

Amazon has the option of you printing your own card from the convenience of your home. This method is called Amazon Print-at-home gift card. Here’s the catch:

  • Navigate to the Amazon website for print-at-home gift card
  • Select a design
  • Enter your gift card details
  • Enter the quantity you wish to print
  • You will receive a PDF format to print your gift card through email

How to buy Amazon gift card

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Finally, the Amazon official website can serve you at once if need be. There are various types of Amazon gift cards; if, after searching, you cannot get through any of the ways mentioned above, kindly visit the Amazon website and have it sorted out for you immediately.

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