how to check amazon gift card balance

How to check Amazon gift card balance

There are slight differences in how to check Amazon gift card balances across platforms. Amazon is an international e-commerce company that introduced gift cards to their customers. Since it is said that shopping is therapeutic, Amazon has made it a business to offer its customers a more seamless and satisfactory experience while doing their shopping.

Although these gift cards are available and used in many countries worldwide, there are specific rules guiding card usage and how to check the card’s balance. While usage may seem effortless, correctly checking your Amazon gift card balance may pose some challenges. Sliding down a little lower on this article will proffer you immediate solutions.

What is a gift card? - threefoldgifts

What is a gift card?

A gift card is a form of a debit card often loaded with money and used readily for purchases. It is also a prepaid card that serves as an alternative to cash. Gift cards are widely known and accepted but are identified with different names in different locations.

For example, a gift card is a gift voucher in the UK, while a gift certificate is in the United States of America. Many gift cards are in circulation, but Amazon gift card is one of the most popular and used gift cards worldwide.

How to redeem an Amazon gift card

Before you can redeem or use Amazon gift cards, ensure you are in a location where it is accessible, have an internet-enabled phone or other means of using the internet, and adhere to its instructions.

If you stay in the UK, you can redeem your Amazon gift voucher with the steps below, and the funds will get stored in your account. Follow the next few steps to achieve this aim.

  • Search for the claim code.
  • Navigate to ‘redeem a gift card.
  •  Enter your claim code and select ‘apply to your balance.’

Redeeming your Amazon gift card for everyone is quite an easy task. You can use the Amazon website directly by logging into the site, then following the prompt. You can use the authentic Amazon mobile app for Android or iPhones for this purpose.

How to Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance - threefoldgifts

How to check Amazon gift card balance

It is always advisable to check your gift card balance before purchasing so as not to encounter hitches during checkout. Also, remember that your Amazon gift card balance is lodged in your account, so you can always view it. Here are steps to guide you through checking your balance in your account.

How to check Amazon gift card with your phone

  • Turn on your internet connection
  • Click on the account icon
  • Look for the payment category and click “manage gift card balance.”

How to check your Amazon gift card balance with a serial number?

Say you requested physical gift vouchers/cards straight from Amazon; the steps above won’t work for you. Instead, you should follow these steps.

  • Navigate to your orders on the Amazon website
  • Find your gift card orders
  • Compare the 16-digit serial number on the website besides your gift card amount to the one on your gift card.
  • View your balance and the changes due to the transaction in the transaction section.

Amazon may have strict rules guiding selling and shopping for your items on its site, but this is one way to provide everyone with security against fraud and give you value for your money.

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