How to check Visa gift card balance

How to check Visa gift card balance

How to check Visa gift card balance should not be on the list of your worries or ruffle you up because Visa gift cards are nice possessions for yourself or your loved ones. Before we proceed, you must understand that there are different Visa card issuers, and they all have different ways to check Visa gift card balances.

Therefore, the first rule is to locate your Visa card issuer if you o not know that already. Now take a comfortable position. Let’s find out more about how to check Visa gift card balance.

Ways to check Visa gift card balance

For those who can’t seem to remember their Visa gift card issuer, there’s a means for you to check your gift card balance with your phone. See the step below.

1. Through a phone call

Maybe your Visa gift card came as a gift from a beloved one, and you wish to know the balance without disturbing your benefactor; we get you; here’s what to do next.

  • Turn the back of your card and you will see a toll-free number.
  • Dial the number, you will be told how much you have on your Visa gift card immediately.

Visa gift card toll-free number

2. Through your Visa gift card issuer website

Perhaps you already know your Visa gift card issuer; you only need to log onto their website and input the sixteen-digit number written at the back of your gift card alongside the security code. You will definitely see your gift card balance.

How to check Visa gift card balance

Websites that issue Visa gift cards

You can purchase your Visa gift cards authentically from these sites and check your balance while at them. Please note that we do not prefer any above the other but, a gift card from its original producer gives the website an edge to be on our top list.

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Visa gift cards should be the first place to check when buying your Visa gift card. For your information, this website shows you the list of other sites where you can buy your Visa gift card online.

We are aware that this article is not about purchasing a Visa gift card; however, this information leads you directly to how to check Visa gift card balance, so we still gat you. When you scroll down to the very end of the Visa website, you will come across a yellow box inscribed “Learn how to check balance.”

When you click on this yellow box, it will direct you to the sites mentioned below. Some of these websites would require you to log in before you can check your Visa gift card balance.

Commerce Bank

Commerce Bank is an online bank and also a Visa card issuer; you can order your personal or business Visa gift card from here Commercebank.


Depending on your country of residence, may not be accessible, but it is a legit Visa gift card issuer.

Gift card mall

This Visa gift card issuer, Giftcardmall, is not accessible to all countries but remains an excellent website to purchase and check your gift card balance.

Gift card granny

Gift card granny is a user-friendly website where you can purchase different kinds of Visa gift cards and conveniently check your balance. If you are on a desktop or a laptop, you will see check balance on the top bar with a card icon. On your phone, scroll down to see “check balance.”

Navy Federal Gift Cards

You need to sign in on the Navy Federal Gift card’s website to check your balance.

Perfect gift

Once you click on Perfect Gift, you can check your balance immediately.

The gift card shop

With many Visa gift cards on display on The gift card shop, you must sign in to access the other services.

Vanilla gift

If you purchase your Visa gift card on Vanilla gift, click here to check your balance.

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In a nutshell, checking your Visa gift card balance helps you to keep track on your spending and gives you the freedom to indulge yourself with the finer things of life.

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