How to redeem Amazon gift card

How to redeem Amazon gift card

Perhaps, you’ve been on the internet searching for answers on how to redeem Amazon gift card, and you find yourself on this page. Welcome, we’re just about to begin. Amazon gift cards can come in a physical form which you can physically hold on to, or they can be in a virtual form, and their uses may vary slightly.

Similarly, their modes of redeeming differ, but the good news is that you will discover how to redeem both types of Amazon gift cards in a matter of seconds, depending on your internet speed. Do you know that there are apps you can use to redeem gift cards seamlessly? If you do not mind, let’s begin our journey to discovery.

How to Redeem Amazon Electronic Gift Card Online

If you own the electronic version of the Amazon gift card and wish to redeem it, begin this way:

  • Take a quick trip to your email box and search for the mail sent by Amazon to claim your balance. This message might come as a text, so check your message inbox if you can not find it in your mail.
  • Click on the link in the mail or text message.
  • Sign into your Amazon account and select ‘Apply to your balance.’

The email for redeeming your Amazon gift card will not bear the claim codes if that is what you are searching for.

Redeem gift card
Redeem gift card

How to redeem physical Amazon gift card fast

  • Locate your card’s claim code
  • Navigate to Redeem a gift card on the Amazon website
  • Enter your card’s claim code into the box titled ‘claim code.’
  • Click on ‘Apply to your balance’ right beside the box. The balance on your gift card will automatically save into your account.

Amazon gift card

It will be wise to note that making a mistake while redeeming your Amazon gift card may lead to many avoidable problems because, once you enter your gift card claim code, Amazon automatically saves the balance in the account you logged in from. Therefore, ensure you are on the preferred account while you input your Amazon gift card claim codes.

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How do I know if my Amazon gift card has been redeemed?

You probably sent a loved one a gift card, and you just can’t figure out if it’s been redeemed or not. Clear your doubts with these steps:

  • Log on to Amazon
  • Navigate to your account
  • Move to ‘Your Orders’
  • On the drop-down menu, select the year
  • Search for the gift card you sent and check if it says ‘redeemed’ beside it.

Other ways to redeem Amazon gift card

It’s understandable if you’re in a hurry to purchase with your gift card and you do not have the time or patience to go through the steps above; we still have you covered.

Through direct shopping

Since you can use Amazon gift cards on its website or with its affiliates, go ahead and begin making to shop away, you can redeem your gift card while shopping.

While shopping on the website, please expect to redeem your gift card during checkout. Be mindful of the ‘gift card and promotional’ section. You will encounter it on the ‘Review your order’ page.

shopping with Amazon gift card

Through Apps

Can you redeem an Amazon gift card on the app? Yes, please! If you reside in Nigeria and want to redeem your Amazon gift card, then; pay attention. On these Apps, you cannot only redeem these cards but trade, buy and sell them. For you to redeem:

  • AfrBTC
  • Cardnosh
  • GetCards Africa
  • GiftCardToNaira
  • Prestmit
  • Redem

Speaking of Amazon gift cards and redeeming them, be cautious of how you use them. Amazon has placed many do’s and don’ts on these gift cards and their usage.

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