How to use Amazon gift card

How to use Amazon gift card

Worry no more if you’ve been stuck on how to use Amazon gift card. You only need to take these few steps and begin to enjoy your gift card, and you will also discover other methods that will make life easier for you to operate your card online or with your phone.

Most times, an Amazon gift card would require you to redeem it before you use it to make purchases or check your balance.

Ways to use Amazon gift cards?

Assuming you have access to an Amazon gift card, there are other ways to put your gift card to good use besides purchasing it on the website.

1. Crypto websites

You can buy crypto or exchange your Amazon gift card with cryptocurrencies. This is a form of investment for those in the business.

2. Stream online

With your Amazon gift card, you can stream your movies and music directly from Amazon Prime videos. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling and on the go. For a movie lover, Amazon Prime videos are one way to put your gift card to good use.

Amazon prime
Amazon prime

3. Gifting

Speaking of thoughtful gifts, you could give a loved one on their birthdays or during a celebration, Amazon gift card makes the list. You could. Using it as a gift is also a way to save yourself from the guilt of not getting a gift for them.

Gift card gift.jpg
Gift card gift

4. Read freely

Now, it’s a balanced-out scenario for movie lovers and book lovers. With your Amazon gift card, you can read unlimited on Amazon Kindle. The Amazon Kindle store is overflowing with every kind of book and genre you can think of.

Kindle books
Kindle books

5. Amazon walk-in stores

While you can not use Amazon gift cards in other physical stores, if you have the privilege to stay around any Amazon physical stores, with your gift card, you can buy whatever you need from the store.

How to add funds to your Amazon gift card

Adding funds to your existing gift card is possible and a fast and great way to shop on a budget. You can fund your gift card manually or set it at automatic reload.

Load funds to your Amazon gift card manually:

  • Go to Amazon Reload
  • Choose amount
  • Select payment method
  • Click on “reload” to top up your gift card balance

Through auto-reload

  • Navigate to Amazon auto reload settings
  • Select the reload you want
  • Enter the amount for your reload
  • Select how often you wish to reload your gift card
  • Choose a payment method
  • Save the settings.
Amazon reload
Amazon reload

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Transfer an Amazon gift card balance to your bank account

It is worthy of mention that Amazon has different gift cards: Amazon print gift cards, Amazon e-gift cards, and Amazon physical gift cards.

You can still use any of these cards to shop on the Amazon website. Users of Amazon gift cards in the United States, India, or anywhere in the world can not directly transfer their gift card balance to their bank account due to some restrictions Amazon placed on their card usage.

However, other routes allow you to do this, including outright selling off your card through third-party resellers.

You can get your Amazon gift card balance to your bank account by linking your bank account to your Amazon pay. After the linking, go ahead and redeem your gift card to your Amazon Pay, input the voucher/ Amazon gift card code, and select the option to apply to your balance via your Amazon email.

The one advantage of owning an Amazon gift card is that it has no short usage span. You can use your gift card for years without worrying about expiration.

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