How To Add Gift Card To Apple Wallet

How To Add Gift Card To Apple Wallet

Many of you wonder how to add gift cards to your Apple Wallet. Do you have a gift card, and do you need an idea of how to add gift card to Apple Wallet? This guide is for you. Apple Wallet is an excellent feature for iPhone users.

You can avail many advantages if you know how to add gift card to Apple Wallet, like keeping your essential cards, rewards, and IDs safe and organized to use without much hassle. This article lets you discover the best ways to easily add gift cards, coupons, or rewards to your Apple Wallet.

Apple Wallet, formerly known as Passbook, is a Digital Wallet used to store your virtual Wallet passes you can easily access daily. Here we will discuss adding a gift card to an Apple wallet.

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Benefits of Apple Wallet

Here are the benefits of Apple Wallet;

  1. A significant advantage of Apple Wallet is it saves you from the trouble of carrying all your passes, cards, tickets, licenses, and ID proof with you at all times.
  2. Apple Wallet protects you from losing receipts by keeping them as soft copies.
  3. You can assign a few cards (credit or debit) to Apple Pay to make payments easily. This way, you don’t have to carry your Credit or Debit cards physically to make payments.
  4. The Apple wallet stores everything and keeps it in order, so you can easily find and use the needed passes on time.

How to Add Gift Card to Apple Wallet

Below are the three ways to add gift cards to Apple Wallet;

#1. Add gift cards to Apple Wallet from an Email or Webpage

The simplest way to add your gift cards is by adding them to your Apple Wallet using the email or web pages through which you receive them.

#2. Add gift cards to Apple Wallet by Syncing Apple Wallet in all your devices through iCloud settings.

Sometimes, when you add a gift card to the Apple Wallet using the iPad or Mac, the gift cards won’t show up on your iPhone as you did not add your gift cards directly on your iPhone. So what you must do is sync all your Apple devices via iCloud. Even if you only add the gift cards using your iPhone, syncing on iCloud is an excellent way to ensure all your gift cards, coupons, and rewards receive safe storage.

How To Add Gift Card To Apple Wallet - Threefoldgifts

#3. Add gift cards to Apple Wallet using a third-party app.

Many platforms offering you the gift card won’t provide the ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ option or QR Codes. Instead, they need you to download their official iPhone app. Only through that app can you add your gift cards to your Wallet.

Now that you know all about Apple Wallet and how to add Gift card to Apple Wallet, what are you waiting for then? Add your gift cards to your Apple Wallet and enjoy using them whenever needed. 

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