How To Buy Google Play Gift Card

How To Buy Google Play Gift Card

Are you in need of a Google Play gift card and wondering how to buy Google Play Gift Card? This article will provide you with the exact information you need.

Google Play gift cards purchase games, apps, music, and movies on Play Store. They are also one of the USA gift cards with the highest resale value. So, you will be learning how to buy Google Play Gift Card and convert your gift card to cash. Let’s dive in so you can find out more about Google Play gift cards and how to redeem them.

How To Buy Google Play Gift Card

How To Buy Google Play Gift Card

#1. Open your web browser and go to purchase a gift card 

You cannot download a google play gift card directly from Google. Still, most sites have online purchasing options from other retailers. Target, in the United States, is an example.

#2. Click the BUY ONLINE button at the top of the screen

This will take you to a page listing online retailers selling Google Play gift cards.

#3. Choose a trusted retailer

The catalog of retailers may look different depending on the country. Click the logo of a company like Amazon to check their online gift card ordering form.

#4. Specify the worth of the gift card

This option differs depending on the location and retailer. Select the amount of cash you want to give out. Some retailers allow you to enter a particular value or choose one from a list.

#5. Choose a delivery method

It’s always better to choose Email to have the gift card sent via Email.

#6. Enter the information for the recipient

Enter the recipient’s Email or mailing address if there’s an option. If not, you’ll most likely have to click the Add to Cart button to add it to your shopping cart, then open it to view.

Follow the guide displayed on your screen to finish up your transaction, and the Google Play gift card will be emailed directly to the recipient.

How To Buy Google Play Gift Card

How To View Google Play Gift Card Balance

You can view your Google Play Gift Card balance in a few steps by using the simple procedures below;

  • Open the Google Play Store app.
  • Hover up to the top right-hand corner of the app and select “PROFILE ICON.”
  • On the next page, click on “PAYMENTS AND SUBSCRIPTION. “
  • Select your preferred payment method.
  • You will see the google play balance, then click on it to view your balance.

Tips To Resolve Issues While Redeeming Google Play Gift Card

The most common error experienced by Google Play gift card traders is an issue with the billing address. The billing address on your Google account needs to match the country of the Google Play card you have. If you bought a US Google Play gift card, ensure the address on your account is the United States. If you need to change your address, go to the home menu and click on Edit. Input a US address and save.

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