How To Check Ebay Gift Card Balance

How To Check Ebay Gift Card Balance

Do you want to learn how to check eBay gift card balance? Then, continue reading. So many people love to shop on the eBay website. Maybe because they do receive lots of eBay gift cards as gifts from friends and family. However, some need to check their gift card balance before purchasing.

The versatility of eBay gift cards majorly contributes to its popularity. It is one of the gift cards mostly used as gifts in the US and globally. eBay gift cards have no expiration date, which gives recipients the freedom to redeem them anytime.

It is essential to check your eBay gift card balance to avoid unwanted surprises and ensure you can complete your transaction. Let’s talk about the awesomeness of eBay gift cards and how to check the balance.

How To Check Ebay Gift Card Balance

How To Check Ebay Gift Card Balance

It is straightforward to check an eBay gift card balance. There are two ways: via the eBay website and customer support. Let’s check out the steps involved.

How To Check Ebay Gift Card Balance Through The eBay Website

To check the balance through the eBay website, you need to;

  • Visit the eBay gift card balance checker page.
  • Sign up for a new account if that’s your first time. As a returning user, log in with your details.
  • Input the 13-digit code on your eBay gift card.
  • Click on the blue “Check balance” button.

How To Check Ebay Gift Card Balance

Checking The Balance Through the eBay Customer Service

Another effective way to check your eBay gift card balance is to contact the customer support team. Place a call to 1-866-961-9253 to speak to a customer representative. The person on duty will help you check the eBay gift card balance.

How To Know If Your eBay Gift Card Is Activated

eBay gift cards are usually activated once purchased. You must make sure your gift card is activated. You can redeem items at the store or on their website.

First, you can confirm from the cashier on duty if you are buying the gift card in person. You can also wait for a few hours, about 2 to 3 hours. The next step is to check the eBay gift card balance. Once you can see your balance, you can rest assured.

Limitations On eBay Gift Card

As incredible as eBay gift cards are, there are certain things you won’t be able to do with them. Let’s check them out:

  • You can’t use eBay gift cards can’t be used to buy other gift cards.
  • You can only redeem a maximum of $1000 daily and $1500 monthly with an eBay gift card.
  • Once an eBay gift card is used, it will be linked to your account and can’t be used on another.
  • You can combine about four eBay gift cards to make a single payment.

Checking the balance on an eBay gift card doesn’t call for a headache. It is as simple as possible.

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