How to check gift card balance

How to check gift card balance

It’s crucial to know and memorize how to check gift card balance. This helps to save you from experiencing glitches during shopping or save your face from the embarrassment of decline at the mall.

Knowing and understanding how to check your gift card balance allows you to budget ahead of your shopping. More so, the steps to check your gift card’s balance may be peculiar to your card issuer or company.

For example, how to check Visa gift card balance is a lot more different and a bit complicated than how to check the Next gift card balance. This is because Visa has exclusive retailers that sell their gift cards, and their methods of checking their balances differ uniquely.

We can not say much about Amazon gift cards. How to check Amazon gift card balance is more straightforward if you know how to navigate the website well. Coles gift card balance seems easy, even for a newbie navigating websites. So, specific gift cards demand you follow the instructions from its makers on their websites or stores.

However, there is a general method of checking your balance, especially if you do not know your gift card issuer. Let us explore that option.

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How to check gift card balance online

  • Turn the back of your gift card
  • Input the website on the back of your gift card
  • The website may prompt you to input more information, so ensure that you are on the right website to avoid sending your details to a risky site.
  • Input your details according to the written instructions
  • Click on enter or submit, depending on the prompt you’re seeing.

Your gift card balance should be staring at you now if you followed these steps correctly and your gift card does not have any undisclosed issues.

How to check gift card balance

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How to manually check your gift card balance

Say you turned the back of your gift card and there’s no website inscribed on it; then you must take the following steps:

  • At the back of your gift card, check for the toll-free number
  • Dial the toll-free number to speak with an agent or the prompts that can redirect you on how to check your balance.

These prompts might include inputting your card details and other information.

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How to check gift card balance at the shop

You can walk into your gift card issuer store to check for your balance. Now, before you do this, it means that you know your gift card issuer and you can access their physical store. Say this is correct, you can proceed.

  • Walk into the store
  • Approach the cashier or the customer service personnel
  • Request to check your gift card balance. They will help you to check it instantly. It is better and more dignifying than to purchase an item(s) only to be told that your gift card balance is 0 (zero) and the store asks you to return your items or look for an alternative means to pay.

How to check gift card balance

These methods should work for your available gift cards and help you check your balance regularly.

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