How to use Visa gift card on Amazon

How to use Visa gift card on Amazon

Here are helpful and fail-proof tips on how to use Visa gift card on Amazon.

It’s no news that Amazon frowns on third-party gift cards on its website and as such, has placed many restrictions on gift card usage. Many other sites are guilty of this, so it’s not peculiar to Amazon. That said, using a Visa gift card on Amazon is very doable if you carefully note these points.

Steps on how to use Visa gift card on Amazon and shop

Since we are dealing with websites, your Visa gift card can only work on Amazon if you successfully maneuver your way by making it look as if you want to add another credit or debit card to your account instead of a gift card. Now, you have to be quite careful from here on as you take these steps.

  • Move to your account on Amazon website
  • Ensure your Visa gift card is up to date and activated; this is very crucial.
  • Check your Visa gift card balance to ensure you have funds on it. You may shop, but your purchased item(s) must not exceed the amount on your card’s balance. This is the reason we advise you to check your balance before commencing this.
  • Navigate to Amazon shop by occasion

shop by occasion

  • Select ‘reload your balance’ under the ‘Shop the perfect gift cars’ inscription.
  • It will bring you to Amazon reload page. Input the value of the funds on your Visa gift card in the space provided at the far right corner.
  • Click on the yellow ‘Buy Now’ icon

reload your balance

  • Once you’re on the checkout page, navigate to the section where you can ‘choose a payment method’ on the page

payment method page

  • Go for ‘add a credit or debit card’ and select it when it highlights
  • Input your Visa gift card information and the expiration date when the box pops up
  • Once done, click the little yellow ‘add your card’ icon below, and…
  • Viola! You just did it.

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Now that you have successfully added your Visa gift card on Amazon, you can always click on the gift card as your payment method after shopping. This is how to use Visa gift card on Amazon without problems.

For some reason, you may find it challenging to shop with Visa gift card on Amazon if you go through Amazon Canada or Amazon UK because of limitations placed on using other types of card. It must be on the official Amazon website.

Also, just in case you have multiple Visa gift cards, you may want to keep the rest away or use them for other purposes aside from adding them separately on Amazon. Well, except you wish to link or combine them all together into one big gift card.

How to combine Visa gift card on Amazon

  • Check the back of your Visa gift card for a phone number. You can also go through the website you got the gift card from
  • Call the number to request combining your gift cards or do it on the website
  • Input the gift card details alongside their security codes
  • If it’s successful, add the new combined card details via the abovementioned steps.

Once again, you can shop hitch-free on Amazon with your new gift card. Nothing beats the feeling of putting your Visa gift card to good use on your favorite shopping website.

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