What Is Razer Gold Gift Card Used For

What Is Razer Gold Gift Card Used For?

What Is Razer Gold Gift Card Used For? Check out this guide for everything you need about Razor Gold Gift Card. Razer Gold gift cards are standard and popularly used by gamers worldwide.

This article focuses on everything you need about Razer Gold gift cards. They are majorly used to redeem games and in-game items on Razer. Razer Gold gift cards are great gift options for your friends and loved ones that have a thing for fun. Not just games but also videos and gaming hardware and software.

They exist in three colors: green, black, and gold. You can get anyone within your budget ranging from $5 to $1000.

What Is Razer Gold Gift Card Used For

What Is Razer Gold Gift Card Used For?

  1. Buy Gaming Items: you can use Razer gold gift card to purchase various gaming items in the store. They include video games, virtual currencies, skins, and other gaming products.
  2. Mobile Credits: these gift cards are a great way to top-up mobile balances for other users. It can fund your mobile accounts and help you connect with loved ones.
  3. As A Gift Option: they are the perfect gift options for getting gifts for your friends. It works better when the recipient is a gaming enthusiast.
  4. Exchange For Cash: you can convert your Razer cards to Cash if you don’t wish to redeem games. They have one of the highest rates when exchanged for naira.

How To Buy Razer Gold Gift Cards Online

It’s pretty easy to buy a Razer Gold gift card. What you need to make sure of is that the platform you want to buy from is legit. This is due to various online scamming on the internet. Konga sells certain gift cards like Steam, Amazon, and Google Play gift cards. The following is the step-by-step guide to buying Razer gold gift card:

  • You can visit the platform website or head to Playstore/Appstore to download the app.
  • Specific details are needed to create an account, e.g., full name, email address, country, etc.
  • Verify your email address.
  • Login with your details and click on Buy Gift Cards.
  • Search the gift card country, e.g., the United Kingdom.
  • Search gift card name, e.g., Razer Gold
  • Select the amount and quantity.
  • Proceed to pay.

What Is Razer Gold Gift Card Used For

How To Convert Razer Gold Gift Card To Cash

These steps will guide you on how to sell Razer gold gift cards for Cash.

  • Tap on “Sell Gift Cards”
  • Swipe to choose the gift card name or choose from the drop-down.
  • Choose the subcategory of the Razer Gold gift card you want to trade.
  • Enter the amount in USD.
  • Indicate the number of gift cards.
  • Upload your gift card image/images.
  • Tap on the “Begin Trade” button.

Everything covered in this article gives you enough information regarding all you need to know about Razer Gold gift cards. By now, you should know what Is Razer Gold Gift Card used for.

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