Where Can I Buy An Amazon Gift Card

Where Can I Buy An Amazon Gift Card

Where Can I Buy An Amazon Gift Card? This is a question some people are curious about. Over the years, Amazon gift card has remained one of the best worldwide. This article will highlight all you need to know about Amazon gift cards.

Both individuals and businesses around the world use the gift card. A gift card can redeem various items from Amazon or switch them for cash. Business organizations buy it in bulk to either reward their staff or customers. In the USA, gift card traders majorly sell Amazon gift cards for money.

Where Can I Buy An Amazon Gift Card

Where Can I Buy An Amazon Gift Card?

Where Can I Buy An Amazon Gift Card? Here is a solution to your question. There are two different ways you can buy an Amazon Gift Card;

  • Online
  • Retails store

#1. Online

Buying an Amazon gift card has been made easy for you. All you are expected to do is log in to the Amazon website and choose from the different types of Amazon gift cards available:

  • Log on to the Amazon website and click on the gift card section and choose the kind of gift card you want to buy.
  • You select the desired amount and add it to your cart.
  • Click on Make Payment and initiate type truncation for the purchase.

#2. Retail Store

If you are among the sets of people that prefer to avoid buying items online, this option is for you. Amazon gift cards are available at about 500 retail store brands. While you can select up a gift card at your local Whole Foods Market, you’ll also find them at most grocery stores.

Other popular retailers that sell Amazon gift cards include Best Buy, CVS, GameStop, Lowes, Office Depot, and Walgreens.

Where Can I Buy An Amazon Gift Card

Types of Amazon Gift Cards

There are different types of Amazon gifts card available. Each of these gift cards has its unique feature and function.

#1. Physical Gift Card

Amazon Physical gift cards are the first and most common type. It is available in several denominations, and you can visit any Amazon store or order on their website to purchase.

#2. E-Gift Card

Amazon E-gift cards are gift cards that customers can only use online. During purchase, you are to enter the value of the gift card you want to buy. When purchased, it will be delivered via your email as a set of codes. You can set a particular date you want it to be sent. However, you must wait for 5 minutes if you want it immediately. It’s a very gift card option for those who like online shopping.

#3. Print-at-home Gift Card

Amazon Print-at-home gift cards are also emailed when purchased but as a PDF. You can print them out as cards. You can always get this type if you want a physical gift card without going to the store.

#4. Specialty Gift Card

Regardless of the location, a Specialty gift card is a perfect option. Amazon Specialty gift cards allow holders to buy a product or service category on Amazon’s website or in-store. You can use this type of gift card to buy from several categories on Amazon, including fashion, dining, and travel. They are a perfect gift option when you are unsure what to buy for someone. Giving them this kind of gift card is a way to show you care and offer a personalized gift.

We hope you have everything you need to know about Amazon gift cards. And now we’ve answered your question, “Where Can I Buy An Amazon Gift Card.”

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