Where Is Security Code On Starbucks Gift Card

Where Is Security Code On Starbucks Gift Card

Do you have a Starbucks gift card? Where Is Security Code On Starbucks Gift Card? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many people are unfamiliar with where to locate the security pin on their Starbucks gift card.

This article will highlight how to find it and provide more information. We’ll also explain what the security code is used for and why it’s essential to keep it confidential.

Where Is Security Code On Starbucks Gift Card

Where Is Security Code On Starbucks Gift Card?

This security code may be found behind the Starbucks gift card or in the email sent when you purchased the card. The code behind is usually a four or five-digit pin located directly above where your name is printed or below the expiration date published.

Usually, it’s called a “Security Code.” If you can’t locate it there, check your email for a confirmation of the transaction from Starbucks. This email sent to you should include your Security Code and Starbuck Card number – making it easy to redeem gifts and rewards!

Can I Use Starbucks Cards Without A Security Code?

Starbucks gift cards can be used with or without a security pin. They are loaded with money and already activated when purchased.

To use your Starbucks card, go to your nearest Starbucks shop, Pick what you want, and have the attendant scan the barcode on your card. 

Therefore, it is always advised that you keep your pin with you just in case it’s needed while shopping online or over the phone.

Where To Find The Starbucks Security Code On the App?

The security Pin can be found on the splash page after you open the App. If you go to the next page, return to reveal the security pin and start ordering that cup of coffee. Please pay attention to the timer to renew your code when the time is up. With this in mind, you shouldn’t be worried about locating and accessing your five-digit Starbucks security code.

Where Is Security Code On Starbucks Gift Card

What Will Happen If You Don’t Activate Your Starbucks Gift Card?

Suppose you don’t activate your Starbucks gift card within 30 days of purchase. In that case, the amount saved on it will be credited back to whoever purchased it and will no longer be available.

Essentially, you’re losing out on any special offers with the card. The gifter couldn’t put any funds towards your purchases if they were present.

Furthermore, you’ll still be credited with the entire balance if you lost or had your gift card stolen before deciding to activate it. However, you won’t have permission to access these funds unless you start the card first.

Permanently save the related redemption pin so that if your card is ever stolen or lost, you can use its balance later.

Ways To Check the Balance On My Starbucks Gift Card

You can check your balance directly from your comfort– all you need to do is visit the Starbucks website, register your card number and security pin, and check your card balance.

Also, you can check the balance in any Starbucks store by asking an attendee or scanning the barcode on the back of the card at Starbucks stores. Keeping track of your gift card balance ensures you have enough money to enjoy your favorite beverages or treats!

We hope this guide on where is security code on Starbucks Gift Card be helpful to you.

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