Where To Buy Lululemon Gift Card

Where To Buy Lululemon Gift Card?

If you’re wondering, “Where to buy Lululemon gift card?” you’re at the right place. People usually find gift cards for popular brands (like Google Play and Roblox) at supermarkets. Still, those from clothing brands like Lululemon and Macy’s are available at select locations only.

Lululemon is currently one of the most sought-after brands that manufacture everyday wear in the U.S. A Lululemon gift card would be a thoughtful present for anyone as the company’s apparels are super comfy and flatter different body types of all genders.

In this article, we’ll cover where to buy Lululemon gift cards and how to redeem a Lululemon gift card.

Where To Buy Lululemon Gift Card?

Where To Buy Lululemon Gift Card

Lululemon gift cards can be bought in denominations between $10 and $1,000 and are available in two formats:

  • A classic plastic gift card that you can buy online and at stores
  • An e-gift card that can be purchased at online stores only

According to Lululemon’s customer care representatives, the best place to buy these gift cards is directly from the company. That way, you can get quick returns and exchanges if your gift card turns inactive or invalid. As of 2022, you can purchase a Lululemon gift card at any of the company’s physical and digital stores, more specifically:

  • From physical Lululemon stores, including regular, outlet, wholesale, and pop-up stores
  • On Lululemon’s website
  • Via Lululemon’s Android and iOS apps

Besides Lululemon, you can buy the company’s gift cards from a select few third-party retailers, online and locally.

How To Redeem Lululemon Gift Cards Online—Steps

Buying a Lululemon gift card online is a practical solution to avoid a trip to the store. Still, the process can be confusing to some buyers. Here’s how to order the gift card on the company’s website:

  1. Visit Lululemon’s gift card sale page
  2. Choose between Send an E-Gift Card or Send a Gift Card
  3. Enter the names of the sender and the recipient
  4. Select a card design
  5. Click on How Much? to enter the value of the card
  6. Tap on Add to Cart
  7. Enter the delivery address or email—you can also choose a future delivery date if you’re sending an e-gift card
  8. Complete the payment to place your order

Lululemon e-gift cards are delivered instantly or on specified delivery days. Plastic cards will be mailed to the provided address within ten business days.

Where To Buy Lululemon Gift Card

Where Can I Get Lululemon Gift Cards for Free?

You can get Lululemon gift cards for free by taking advantage of the side-earning opportunities available on the internet. Here are some of the options you have:

#1. Look for giveaway deals

You can find Lululemon gift card giveaways on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. These giveaways are generally launched by fitness and fashion influencers, and you’ll be asked to complete promotional tasks like following a page or purchasing a product to qualify for one. Giveaway prizes are not guaranteed.

#2. Answer paid surveys

Completing paid surveys is a guaranteed method of earning gift cards, but the process can take a while. Only a few platforms (like Swagbucks and SurveyMoney) offer a Lululemon gift card as a reward option for answering surveys. Know that you may not qualify for every study on these platforms

#3. Download a reward-based app

If answering surveys doesn’t appeal to you, start earning effortlessly with the help of a reward-based app. Such apps can offer one or more earning tasks, such as shopping, playing games, and watching ad videos. The problem is that most reward-based apps don’t give Lululemon gift cards as rewards, but many do offer cash and Visa or Mastercard payment cards, which you can use to buy anything you want

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